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Sustainability is at the heart of our business and we endeavour to "walk the walk" by taking meaningful, practical actions in all of our business operations. We're committed to the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment, and the Tiaki Promise. We are proud to have won the Sustainability and Environmental award in the 2022 ARA Business Excellence Awards!


Restoration of Nature

  • We've planted around 500 trees, plants, or shrubs planted over the past 13 years, and cultivate native plants from our land or nearby from cuttings or seed.

  • Approximately 5 acres of wilding pines have been cleared from our property (manually, by hand-pulling, or with tools like loppers and chainsaws). 

  • Removal of other pest plants like briar rose and lupins. 

  • No herbicides or pesticides are used as these may negatively impact upon other plants and animals.

  • We share our knowledge with guests about why certain trees or plants are pests.

  • We've installed rabbit-proof fencing around the entire property. 

  • Hundreds of pest animals have been removed: rabbits, stoats, possums, rats, mice, hedgehogs, and feral cats.

  • We use wilding pines for firewood and dead manuka for kindling.

  • Food and greenwaste is composted then used to nourish plants and trees.

  • Rocks and soil from building sites on the property have been used in landscaping and plantings.

  • Rainwater and hot tub water is diverted to plant and tree zones. 

Waste Reduction

  • We recommend longer stays to our guests, so they can really get to know the region. This also reduces energy consumption as we're turning over the accommodation every few days, rather than every day. 

  • We buy EcoStore products in bulk to reduce plastic.

  • Almost everything is recycled and food scraps/green waste are composted. 

  • We manage our own laundry, washing on cold and line-drying to save energy.

  • Single-use items like toiletries aren't rather provided, rather, we supply bulk handsoap, bodywash, shampoo and conditioner in reusable containers.

  • We also provide kitchen supplies like tea and coffee in canisters rather than individual packets.

  • Wood for our logburners and hot tub is either harvested from our property or sourced locally.

  • We minimise our night lighting to protect our dark sky reserve and save energy.

Caring for our Guests

  • Looking after our guests starts from the moment they book with us! We provide everything from local tips to advice on driving conditions on the day of arrival.  

  • Understanding the cultural backgrounds and needs of our guests is not only a key part of our host responsibility, but is also an enjoyable experience. Learning about other people is a great way to broaden your own horizons!  

  • We strive to continually improve our guest experience by requesting feedback (actioned where possible) and reviews (always replied to).

  • Messaging to guests is tailored to communicate our expectations for our business, and region (e.g., we expect guests to recycle and compost, outdoor fires are prohibited due to extreme risk). 

  • The culture, heritage, and history of the Te Manahuna Mackenzie Region is very important to us. We own many books on the region, are always learning more about our region and its people, and pass these stories on to our guests. 

  • We follow the principles of the Tiaki Promise and share these values.

Our Community

  • We're involved with Mackenzie Wilding Pine Trust and are holding a free propagation workshop for the community to share our knowledge about pest flora control and cultivation of native plants. 

  • We donate to local causes, most recently the Twizel Mistletoe Group to enhance the Twizel Christmas experience, and the Twizel Pink Ribbon Breakfast fundraising for the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ.

  • We work with our Regional Tourism Organisation, Mackenzie Tourism, for opportunities to promote not only our business but the wider region as well. 

  • We volunteer in our community. In the last two years, we've volunteered for Create, the Mackenzie Book & Arts Festival, the Meridian Twizel Hard Labour Weekend, Sport Twizel, and the Twizel Pink Ribbon Breakfast.

  • We're a member of Twizel Promotions, to support their work in facilitating the promotion and development of Twizel.

  • Pre-Covid we hosted many international backpackers who stayed with our family and helped with plantings on the land, as well as pest plant removal. We learned more about people from all over the world, and they experienced a slice of Kiwi family life, as well as learning about conservation in New Zealand.

  • We actively share our sustainability work on our social media channels, in our guest information folder, and on this page of our website!


  • We have regularly-updated systems in place to ensure our business is resilient and able to survive long-term (ie, a vision, practical plan, financial system).

  • Our product, pricing, and strategies are reviewed often. 

  • Data is captured about visitors and reported monthly to the Accommodation Data Programme.

  • We shop local, and/or New Zealand made as much as possible, and choose socially and environmentally sustainable suppliers.

  • We buy good-quality items that last, rather than cheaper items that need to be replaced often (e.g., linen duvet covers from Foxtrot Home.)

  • Our guest guides include recommendations for local businesses.

Our Easy Sustainability Tips!

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